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Digital transformation may be a buzzword, but it’s happening right now. Society’s digitalisation has gained momentum in all fields and it’s going full speed ahead. Consumers expect companies to be on board and anticipate their digital needs. Count on Intracto's expertise and experience to transform your company into the future-oriented company customers are looking for.
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Steven Van Belleghem

International keynote speaker

"In the evolution of digital transformation, external partners are becoming super important."

Paul Smeets

CTO - Cadac

"You can't transform digitally partly."


Lode Fastré

Founder - Farmaline

“Most people start their search online. Digitalisation is about more than just sales.”

Yannick de Bièvre

Head of Marketing BeLux - MediaMarkt

“All customers come into contact with two channels, digital and non-digital. These channels should blend perfectly with each other.”

Thierry Geerts

CEO - Google Belgium

“Digitalisation is not a technological challenge, it’s a change in mentality.”

Peter Van Hoecke

CEO - Van Hoecke

“Digital transformation is never a goal in its own right. It is a means to an end, to support your growth.”

Geert Van Mol - Chief Digital Officer - Belfius

Geert Van Mol

Chief Digital Officer - Belfius

“If you have no durable digital strategy for the next 5 to 10 years, you risk losing your company entirely.”

Vicky Adriaensen

Managing Director - ACCO

“I’m looking forward to the moment when digital is finally part of every company’s DNA.”

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Digitalisation is a mindset that has an impact on the entire company, from business operations and internal processes to marketing communication. With a clear vision as a basis and the end customer as the most important guide. Curious about how you can embed a well thought-out digitalisation within the DNA of your company and what it will get you? Our experts have bundled their insights and experiences into an inspiring ebook that will help you prepare your brand for tomorrow.

  • 50 pages of insights on digital transformation
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